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About me

I tend to be the what-iffer and why-notter in any group. I strongly believe that travelling leads us to understand each other better, and more people have the courage, willingness and time to travel, the better place the     world will be. (Yes, I’m a dreamer too, have I not mentioned that yet? (: ) I didn’t mention money on purpose, I don’t think it is not an issue of money, let’s check some amazing backpacker stories!

Can't get enough of this view
Can’t get enough of this view

I am a 25 year old wanderess from Hungary. I live in Budapest,  spent 4 month in Portugal, 6 incredible weeks in India, 3 month and a shorter holiday in the US, and visited many other places in Europe. It means I have some stories from 3 years ago, illustrated with absolutely NOT instagram positive pictures, as I didn’t plan to share it like this that time, and will share my current trips too. I plan to write recommendations about Budapest, but be cautios, if you read them, you’ll feel an urging need to buy a ticket and expolre this lovely jewellery box of Europe.

Why did I launch Passport Pomodoro?

I have a lot of reasons to jump into this, also plenty against it.

Let’s focus on the posivite stuff:

  • nowadays having some IT skills is inevitable. To start and manage a blog, I’ve already needed to get to know what is a hosting service, domain, landing page, these were all Greek to me. And it not just turned out, that you don’t need to be an alien to understand this stuff, but you – at least me – can even enjoy it.
  • everybody need to experience how does it feel to create something. It gives you the flow and even if it wont be perfect, you’ll be proud of that.
  • taking the risk, that many people, maybe even native speakers will read my posts, I must improve my English.
  • many of my friends visited Budapest in the past few years and they said that my insider tips made their trip more special. I hope that I Passport Pomodoro will be a useful guide for many of you.

So even though putting such personal stuff on the Internet scares the sh*t out of me, and I can hear spiteful remarks on ‘how mainstream is it already to have a travel blog’, I dreamed it up, and I’ll do it until it entertains me.


What about the name?                 

In my opinion there are two things, really worth to spend on: travelling and eating. I am the ultimate foodie therefore when I was thinking about a catchy name for the blog, it wasn’t a question, that some food must be in it. I won’t lie about it, it wasn’t like waking up on a sunny autumn morning and it just hit me. I collected a few words and expressions  about traveling, and let myself being inspired by my Pinterest boards. And there it was: a mouthwatering, heavenly bowl of happiness – gnocchi in pomodoro sauce. Passport Pomodoro, my little baby came to existence. ♥